Speedmaster CX 75 Newsletter September 2018

Actualizado: 21 de sep de 2018

Dear Sheetfed team, dear colleagues,

Here is a news and event update concerning our Speedmaster CX 75.

Event India “Celebrating Speedmaster CX 75”, Dec. 2017

In mid-December of 2017, Heidelberg India organized an event in Pune called „Celebrating Speedmaster CX 75.” The seminar, which was organized to commemorate the launch of Speedmaster CX 75 in India, highlighted the features of the CX 75 and also discussed several other Heidelberg offerings, such as Multicolor, the Prinect Press Manager and Gallus.

Udo Fiebiger, regional manager Sheetfed solutions, Heidelberg Asia Pacific adressing the audience.

After defining the CX 75 as a “multi-talent press in the 50x70 cm format, available in 4, 5, or 6 colors,” Udo Fiebiger, Regional Business Manager Sheetfed Solutions, Heidelberg Asia Pacific, spoke about the benefits of this press. Key takeaways from his presentation were that the double-diameter impression cylinders open up the CX 75 press for a wide range of applications and substrates. Flexible configurations with coating and drying units, easy operation and seamless integration with the Prinect Press Center 2 digital workflow make it a strong and future-oriented platform.

Overall, the event affirmed the value and competitive differentiation of Heidelberg and its partner products. Attendance was enthusiastic and lively with participants describing the seminar as “productive and useful.”

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